Belgrade Police Department Staff

Chief EJ Clark Jr.

Serving as Law Enforcement in

Gallatin County Since 1984

Detective Division

Detective Sergeant Dustin Lensing

Hired March 2001

   Detective Cory Welch

Hired March 2007

Patrol Division 
Sergeant Chuck Sprague

Hired December 1997


Sergeant David Keen

Hired February 2001

3 Years Prior Experience

at Stillwater County

Michael Dixon

Hired January 2000

Michael Rassley

Hired March 2001

 Jarrod Robinson

Hired April 2003

4 1/2 Years Prior Experience

with the Baker Police

Phil Brupbacher

Hired August 2004

Justin Sharp

Hired September 2006

Benjamin Caucutt

Hired December 2006

Officer Owens Officer Paul Wilson 
Jesse Stovall
Hired February 2012
John Owens
Hired October 2014
6 Years Prior Experience with
 the Belgrade Police Department
Paul Wilson
Hired December 2015
  Nicole Nelson
Hired December 2016
Civilian Staff
Tayler Jacobson   
Support Services Supervisor
Klondy Phillippi

Hired August 3,2015

Support Services Technician
Tayler Jacobson
Hired July 2016


 Community Service Officer

Aaron Lehman

Hired October 2007

26 Years Military and Security



The Belgrade Police Department

Currently Does Not Have a